Built for Your Data Center's Most Difficult Challenges

Built for Your Data Center's Most Difficult Challenges

Achieve more effective, dependable cooling and precise control of relative humidity with EvaPack™.

Boost your efficiency and lower your PUE with EvaPack™, Armstrong's best-in-class data center cooling and humidification solution. Our dependable, low-maintenance evaporative pad humidifier ensures effective cooling and precise control of relative humidity in your data center, while reducing energy use for substantial cost savings.

    • EvaPack™ is Simple, Smart and Adaptable   

      • Installation is quick and easy
      • Works with various types of water, including: potable, reverse osmosis or soft
      • Compact design has a maximum footprint of 236.2 in [600 mm]
      • 23.6 in [60 cm] depth including droplet separator
      • No absorption distance
      • Water connections are on the side
      • Draining and overflow connections: 1.5 in [40 mm]
    • Designed for Flexibility and Customization   

      • Size and configuration can be tailored for your requirements
      • Available for AHU, duct, fan wall, direct or recirculated water applications
      • From approximately 3.8 ft2 to 96.8 ft2 [0.36 mÇ to 9.00 mÇ] in one piece assembly.
    • Low-maintenance, Easy to Clean and Service   

      • Cassettes are accessible from the side, or from the front for larger sizes, which reduces the requested replacement space. Cassette maintenance can be finished within seconds.
      • Water pump, water level detector, and manual gate valves are accessible on the service side for simplified maintenance. Elements are easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
    • Safe, Hygienic and Efficient   

      • No glue or hazardous substances
      • No fiber loss
      • Encrusted silver ions prevent bacterial proliferation
      • Fireproof
      • No absorption distance
      • High moisture absorptive capability
      • Minimum pressure drop
    • Energy Savings and Efficiency   

      • Designed to maximize efficiency and minimize pressure drop. Example: For a 294,288.8 CFM [500 000 m3/h] airflow, a pressure drop difference of 0.2”WC [50 Pa] represents a saving of 67,500 kWh per year ($7,630.88 [6,750€]/year at $.01 [0,01€]/kWh).
      • EvaPack™ uses heat present in the air for humidifying and cooling, resulting in lower energy consumption
      • Optimized to provide the highest air/water contact surface—up to 12% more than traditional evaporative pads


    • Precise Control and Water Savings   

      In direct water configuration with a reverse osmosis (RO) water supply, EvaPack™, used in conjunction with Armstrong's wide rangeability water valves, allows proportional control of humidification by injecting the exact quantity of water needed for the cooling process—with no wastewater.

EvaPack™ Series Certifications

EvaPack™ Series Certifications

    • Safe   

      • Contains no harmful substances. Complies with the Directive Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 2011/65/UE (2002/95/CE). Based on independent tests carried out by SGS Consumer Testing Services (IAS accredited).
      • No fiber loss in the air flow from EvaPack™ evaporative pad. Based on independent tests carried out by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
    • Hygienic   

      • Designed according to VDI 6022 Hygienic standards. All nonmetallic parts fulfil requirements from the VDI 6022, Part 1 (04/2006) in microbial inertness and are suitable for use in HVAC systems. Based on EN ISO 846 independent tests carried out by IHL BERLIN Institute for Hygiene.
    • Fireproof   

      • EvaPack™ evaporative pads are noncombustible according to Euro Class A1. Based on EN ISO 1716:2011 and UNE EN ISO 1182:2011 independent tests carried out by Applus+Laboratories.

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