Optimization Services

Optimization Services

All over the world, customers in industrial and institutional markets alike turn to Armstrong for expert thermal utility optimization.

Maximizing the efficiency, reliability and safety of utility systems for companies of all sizes is our specialty. Our experts can help you lower your overall utility expenses and achieve your goals for reducing energy use and emissions. We have nearly 120 years of knowledge and experience that enables us to manage your thermal utilities better than anyone in the world.

Our experts are trained to uncover inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement that typically deliver 5-15% in energy savings.

Armstrong consistently saves time, money and energy for satisfied customers in more than 100 countries. As global leaders in energy management, we provide custom services for companies in a wide and expanding range of industries that includes: automotive, food and beverage, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, hydrocarbon and chemical refining, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, power, tobacco and more.

I Want to Take the First Step Toward Optimizing My Utility Operations

Complete O&M services to solve your problems and make your life easier.

Armstrong's O&M sites achieved 99.9+% utility reliability, with 0 recordable safety issues in 2017. Whether it's short-term supervision, ongoing management of your entire utility system, or training to help you manage your system more efficiently, Armstrong can provide the expert services you need. We can ensure that your utility system runs smoothly, efficiently and safely, day after day—so you can focus on your company and product, instead of your utilities.

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Thermal utility system engineering, tailored for the unique requirements of your industry and company.

Armstrong offers custom engineering, long-term or short-term solutions, and turnkey services. We can supply you with one operator tech as well as a complete operations and maintenance staff. Whether it's system design for new construction, or implementing system solutions at existing facilities worldwide, our experts can tailor our services to meet your unique objectives.