Optimization Services

Optimization Services

For the Food and Beverage Industry

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Proper utility system management is crucial in any industry, but it can also be a serious challenge—especially if you don't have an energy/utility engineer on staff. As your thermal utility partner, we can provide specialized services to maximize your efficiency and safety, lower your overall utility expenses, and achieve your goals for reducing energy costs and emissions. Our specialists will help you satisfy the demands of your facilities and ensure that your utility system continues to run smoothly, day after day.

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We offer more flexibility to customize our services for your needs.

Armstrong offers custom engineering, long-term or short-term solutions, and turnkey services. We can supply you with one operator tech as well as a complete operations and maintenance staff. Whether it's system design for new construction, or implementing complete system solutions at existing facilities worldwide, our experts can tailor our services to meet your unique objectives.

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    • Assessments  

      This is a preliminary system assessment, or walkthrough, of your facility that allows us to gather important information about your utility system's infrastructure. Once we have identified any immediate opportunities for improvements, such as reducing energy use or correcting safety issues, Armstrong's experts will offer initial recommendations.

      I Want to Take the First Step Toward Optimizing My Utility Operations
    • Audits, Studies and Consulting  

      We conduct a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your utility system to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and uncover the cause of current or potential problems. After analyzing the results, our specialists determine the intelligent solutions that will be most effective in achieving your objectives. Your detailed report will include recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), schematics, drawings, estimated savings (thermal, water and financial), emissions reductions, and more.

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    • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)  

      Armstrong's complete range of O&M services can be customized for the distinctive needs of your industry and facilities. Our specialists will provide everything from short-term supervision to ongoing management of your entire thermal utility system infrastructure. We also offer expert training to help you manage it yourself, more efficiently and safely.

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    • Engineering Services and Turnkey Project Solutions   

      Armstrong's custom engineering and turnkey services are designed to address the most difficult challenges faced by your facilities. We offer site-specific solutions for every area of your utility system, including: steam generation, distribution and utilization; condensate return; flash steam and heat recovery; hot water generation, distribution, and temperature control; water utilization; water and wastewater treatment; electricity utilization; and more.

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Recommendations from Armstrong University

    • O&M BEST Practices for Condensate Return Systems  

      This course discusses: the importance of water quality checks; piping issues, repairs, and installations; identification of pumps and other equipment; maintenance and routine checks.

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    • O&M Best Practices for Steam Users  

      Topics covered include: the importance of steam user quality, identification of key performance indicators, best practices for steam users, equipment maintenance and routine checks, and key attributes of standard operating procedures.

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Case Studies

    • Operations and Maintenance Services through 16-year Agreement   

      Armstrong provides 24/7 operations and maintenance of steam, compressed air and wastewater systems with a full-time, on-site staff that includes site supervisor and five operator/technicians. Energy engineering and turnkey project management also provided.

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    • Operations and Maintenance of Utility Systems   

      Facility is staffed by Armstrong utility experts, ensuring the highest level of quality, reliability and efficiency to support the plant’s construction and start-up process, while reducing overall utility costs and providing uninterrupted utility services for existing operational requirements.

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    • Steam System Optimization to Reduce Energy Consumption   

      Complete steam distribution optimization; implement steam trap optimization program, including: survey, database, selection, sizing, install, repair and replace steam trap population; plant-wide condensate return improvement; and more, including responsibility for all mechanical work performed by local contractors in Mexico.

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    • Operations and Maintenance Services Led to $2 Million in Cost Avoidance   

      Armstrong owns, operates, and maintains utility assets producing steam and compressed air, and maintains corresponding distribution systems throughout the facility.

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    • Operations and Maintenance Contract to Identify Energy Savings   

      Armstrong's operation and routine maintenance of utilities systems for a rice manufacturing and packaging facility. Responsibilities include full-time, on-site management of steam, compressed air and waste water treatment systems.

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    • Operations Maintenance Contract to Lower Operating Costs, Improve Safety and Boost Knowledge Base of Staff  

      Armstrong provides management and supervision resources required for operation and maintenance of a major cereal producer's utility systems, including generation and distribution of steam and compressed air, and water treatment. Results include lower operating costs, development of back-up and emergency processes and an improvement in site operators' knowledge and morale.

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    • Operations and Maintenance to Drive Energy Savings and Safety  

      Armstrong provides renowned baby food maker with an on-site staff of utility experts. Responsibilities for operation and maintenance of utility systems includes: boilers, all associated support equipment, and steam distribution and condensate return systems; compressed air system including compressors, associated dryers, and distribution system; steam heated process hot water systems; complete facility HVAC systems; and water softeners.

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    • Multi-year Agreement to Maintain and Optimize Steam System Utilities   

      Armstrong maintains and optimizes facility's 1,200 steam traps, onsite. Responsibilities include steam trap root cause analysis, repair/replace recommendations, database management, turnkey installation, steam loss reporting, and general steam condensate system upgrade recommendations.

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