Monitoring, Measuring and Auditing

Monitoring, Measuring and Auditing

for the Food and Beverage Industry

State-of-the-art equipment, technology and software, engineered for your industry's most difficult challenges.

Turn to Armstrong for accurate, reliable, leading-edge products for monitoring, metering, auditing and documentation. We offer:

  • Leading-edge software for smart steam and hot water system management to help you comply with industry regulations and guidelines

    • SAGE® Smart Utility System Management  

      SAGE® keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day with regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts notifying you of any problems. SAGE® is engineered to be a fully integrated part of your steam system. It works seamlessly with our real-time monitoring products (SteamEye® and AIM®), ensuring that it always has access to the most current data.

      SAGE® works harder to make your life easier.

      • Survey steam traps quickly and accurately with SAGE® Mobile
      • Maximize your equipment's reliability, efficiency and safety
      • Customizable user experience
      • Accessible on tablets, laptops and PCs
      • Real-time dashboard monitoring
      • Secure remote programming
      • Multi-location views
      Learn more about SAGE® | Download the SAGE® by Armstrong Brochure
  • Wireless steam trap monitoring in real time

  • Advanced flow measurement technology for steam, water or gas

    • VERIS Accelabar®  

      In a class of its own, this highly accurate flow measurement device has a patented no-straight-pipe installation requirement. VERIS Accelabar® provides exceptional versatility, with turndown capabilities over a large range of flow rates.

      Learn more about VERIS Accelabar® | Download Our VERIS Accelabar® Brochure
    • VERIS Verabar®  

      VERIS Verabar® is the most accurate, reliable and advanced averaging pitot tube on the market today. It has a bullet shape and aerospace design principles that produce a stable flow signal with less propensity to clogging in the presence of dirt or debris.

      Learn More About VERIS Verabar® | Download Our VERIS Flow Measurement Group Brochure
    • Armstrong Vortex Meter  

      Reliable, well-known vortex technology in a package that is easy to install and simple to operate. Armstrong inline and insertion vortex meters are capable of HART, Modbus, BacNet, or analog outputs with integral pressure and temperature compensation.

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No straight run of pipe? No problem for Armstrong's patented flow measurement solution.

VERIS Accelabar® delivers industry-leading accuracy in utility metering, enabling improved billing and budget allocation without strict installation requirements.

Download Our VERIS Accelabar® Brochure Download Our VERIS Flow Measurement Group Brochure

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