Our chaplaincy is a nondenominational ministry, accessible by Armstrong employees and their families, wherever needed.

God works at Armstrong International. In fact, He's here and on the job, even when we're not. One of the many remarkable things about God is that He's always available and accessible to every employee, on or off the job. All we have to do is ask. 


Statistics show that at any given time, 15 percent of any company's employees and their families are facing some sort of crisis. Death, divorce, sickness, disease, aging parents, financial burdens, even raising children, or any number of other things can cause us to react in ways that affect our jobs as well as our lives. Statistics also show that 60 percent of a company's employees do not have a home church or pastor to turn to during these crisis situations. The chaplaincy at Armstrong International is a nondenominational ministry. As chaplains, compassion is our passion and reaching out to the lost and hurting with God's love is our joy. Whether you need someone to pray with you, someone you can talk to, or even someone to laugh or cry with, Armstrong's chaplain is here for you.


Simply stated, a chaplain is "one who cares for others, and ours is a Ministry of Presence. As Armstrong chaplains, our mission is to share God's love with our employees and their families, not only in the chaplain's office and chapel, but also: in the homes of employees and retirees; at job sites, both shop and office; in hospitals and nursing homes; and wherever we are needed, during the trials of life that every family will eventually face.


As Armstrong's senior corporate chaplain, Pastor Daniel R. Lane is there for you, whenever you have a need for prayer and support. Whether you're in the hospital, at home, or on the job, Pastor Dan will always try to be with you during times of both sorrow and joy. You're welcome to stop by Dan's office in Three Rivers sometime soon for a visit and a cup of coffee. If you have a prayer request or just want to talk, you can also reach Chaplain Lane by email at or you can call his office at 269.279.3304.


Alex Zygmuntowicz is Armstrong's company chaplain in Belgium. Recently retired after 40 faithful years with Armstrong, Alex continues to serve part-time by providing a ministry of presence for our company and his fellow employees.

Ken Melin is lay chaplain at Computrol in Meridian, Idaho, where he works. Ordained and an elder at his church, Ken is also leader trainer for the Life Group Study. Ken and his wife, Sharon, have led the Life Group Biblical Financial Study for his church, as well as for several others. 

Debby Shippy is the chaplain's assistant at Armstrong in Three Rivers, Michigan, where she also provides assistance in counseling sessions. Debby works in the manufacturing engineering department and has been with Armstrong for many years.


David Dykstra heads up Armstrong's Prayer Request List and monthly prayer meetings, in Three Rivers, Michigan (held in our chapel, the last Thursday of each month). Requests for prayer arrive daily at Armstrong, via phone calls, emails and personal visits. You may request prayer through our international outreach by contacting David at We hope you'll join us the next time you visit Armstrong International's Three Rivers Campus.