The Steam Trapping and Tracing Equipment category consists of three groups of products-steam traps, steam tracing systems and automatic differential condensate controllers (DC).

Pay less money for energy-and more attention to the environment. It's pretty obvious, really. An efficient steam trap wastes less energy, which means you burn less fuel and reduce emissions.

The results are energy savings and a cleaner, healthier environment. By helping companies manage energy, Armstrong steam traps are also helping protect the world we all share.

Steam traps have a big job, actually several tasks, in a well-designed steam system. For overall efficiency and economy, steam traps must provide:

Armstrong’s Steam Distribution and Condensate Collection Manifolds simplify your tracing applications. That’s because they bring all the components—steam traps, steam tracing manifolds, valves—together to reduce installation costs and provide a compact, easily accessible assembly that’s centrally located.

The space-saving TVS delivers benefits on several fronts, including installation, testing and maintenance.Armstrong's steam distribution and condensate collection manifolds bring together all the necessary components-steam traps, manifolds and valves. For you, this means lower installation costs and a compact, easily accessible, centrally located assembly. These units are especially important in tracer applications, where steam lines are used to follow or "trace" a pipe to keep the fluid inside at a uniform temperature.

Armstrong automatic differential condensate controllers (DC) are designed to function on applications where condensate must be lifted from a drain point or in gravity drainage applications where increased velocity will aid in condensate drainage.