Steam Filters

Armstrong’s stainless steam filters are designed for filtering steam to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates and are suitable for process steam and culinary steam applications. Steam filter elements are commonly regenerated to reduce pressure drop, remove settled contaminants, and prevent permanent contamination buildup.

Steam Filtration for Various Applications:

  • Aseptic packaging
  • Breweries
  • Chemicals
  • Dairies
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics

Industrial Steam Application

Armstrong Steam Filter (ASF) NPT housings in 304 SS are suitable for process steam filtration applications to remove contaminants in the steam. In applications or installations where chemical corrosion is a concern, 316L SS as the material of construction is advisable. For culinary steam, food contact and other sanitary applications the ASF Sanitary Grade, ASFS 3-A certified housing is used.

Steam Filtration for Clean Steam in Sanitary Applications

In many applications, steam comes into contact with the product itself. For example, direct injection of steam into large vats of processed foods is one method used to cook those foods. In other cases, steam is used to clean or sterilize surfaces, tools and containers used in processing and packaging various products such as pharmaceuticals. In all cases, steam is being generated and distributed in piping systems, and these often end in small orifices or nozzles that can be easily fouled by contaminants in the steam. Filtration of steam is essential to avoid product contamination and equipment downtime. Particulate contaminants found in steam can include rust, scale, dirt and sediments carried over from the water source.