Providing Positive Condensate Drainage for Heat Exchange Equipment

Forget about flooded heat exchangers

The major cause of flooded heat exchangers is a lack of sufficient pressure differential across the steam trap under modulated steam conditions. With Armstrong’s Posi-Pressure Control System, there is always a minimum preset differential pressure between the heat exchanger and the condensate-return system. Even if the pressure in the condensate return changes, the Posi-Pressure Controller automatically adjusts to maintain the preset differential.

Forget about water hammer

When heat exchangers flood, steam and cold condensate frequently come in contact. When this happens, the steam rapidly condenses, causing water hammer. Water hammer can cause damage to heat exchangers, piping and fittings. By eliminating heat-exchanger flooding, the Posi-Pressure Control System will eliminate water hammer.

Forget about frozen steam coils

Most steam coils freeze because they are flooded with condensate. Costly—bulky—and high maintenance face and by-pass coils systems were created to solve this problem by maintaining a positive differential steam pressure. Now, with Armstrong’s Posi-Pressure Control System, simple and inexpensive modulated control systems can do the same job. However, we must caution that proper steam coil design, steam trapping and venting practices are also required for freeze protection. If assistance is needed, Armstrong’s Representatives are trained to analyze your total steam system and offer solutions to your problems.