Liquid Drainers

Liquid drainers go by many names. They are also known as

  • Compressed air drains
  • Condensate drainers
  • Air traps
  • Water traps
  • Dump valves
  • Float traps
  • Compressed air traps

Provision for automatic drainage is sometimes not included in the original system. It is possible to discharge liquid manually through a valve that has been cracked open. However, an open drain also continuously wastes air or gas. Periodically opening a valve by hand and leaving it until it blows freely will also drain a system. Frequently, however, an operator will delay or forget to close a valve, thereby wasting precious air or gas.

Liquid drainers installed at appropriate points will remove liquid continuously and automatically without wasting air or gas. In addition to drainage of the system, liquid drainers should provide:

  • Trouble-free operation with minimal need for adjustment or maintenance
  • Reliable operation even in the presence of dirt, grit and oil
  • A long operating life
  • Minimal air loss
  • Ease of repair