Heat treatment is a safe and effective alternative to fumigation. Armstrong has the products and service to deliver heat treatment solutions that are efficient, cost-effective—and an industry-accepted alternative to chemical treatments. With insect heat treatment equipment from Armstrong, you get:

  • Spot infestation treatment without building evacuation
  • Maintenance and/or production continuity during treatment
  • Controlled temperatures safe for electronics and structures
  • Compatibility with needs of organic growers/processors
  • Exemption from required technicians and government regulations

Armstrong heavy-duty heating coils are the heart of both our Hot Breath Heaters and Hot Bin Heaters—two new solutions for effective control of insect infestations. Both units are available in a wide variety of sizes and output capacities, voltages, and material options.

Armstrong can draw from decades of experience in providing coils equal to the demands of heavy industry. Our years of coil-building experience, practical knowledge and technical know-how are why we can tailor the heating coils to your insect heat treatment requirements.

For help in determining if heat treatment can be a part of a more efficient pest-management program in your facility, complete the Armstrong Insect Heat Treatment Assessment form.