Complete packages that include intelligent products, services and support to improve your system performance.

Armstrong is a global leader in providing integrated, intelligent solutions engineered to improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions. We apply a holistic approach to system optimization, giving us in-depth expertise that encompasses individual components as well as how they all work together and affect one another. Our experts understand that conditions like water hammer, flooded coils, or condensate stall may point to larger, more serious issues with your steam and condensate system. Replacing one component, such as a stream trap or condensate pump, may address your immediate symptoms, however, it often does not resolve the larger issue. Using a "Band-Aid® approach" can ultimately lead to process interruptions, thermal inefficiencies and energy loss, as well as safety concerns.

Armstrong can solve your problems and prevent them with a complete solution designed for your specific situation and requirements. Your packaged solution will include the innovative, hardworking products and comprehensive services needed to support the complexity of your project—all engineered to provide you with a reliable, long-term solution that demonstrates unsurpassed value and efficiency and improved utility performance. If your packaged solution also requires products that are not manufactured by Armstrong, we can provide those products for you, as well.

  • Products—Depending on the application, your packaged solution could include: shell and tube heat exchanger, steam trap, python control valves or pressure reducing valves, condensate pump (mechanical or electric), air vent, vacuum breaker, pressure gauges, strainer and separator(s).
  • Services and Support—In addition to supplying a quality-built package, Armstrong can provide: project management; constructability and installation guidelines (equipment layout drawings, pipe routing, system tie-ins and configuration); assistance with permitting and regulatory changes (construction or building permits, changes to your facility’s air permits, and local and regional rebates or incentives); oversight of subcontractors and vendors; start up, commissioning, and training.

With Armstrong's packaged solutions, you also have the benefit of: two-year warranties, modular design for optimized installation, customizable design, precise equipment sizing and selection, optimized condensate removal, specifications for equipment and piping, product data sheets, and more, from one convenient, expert source. Contact us to learn more about how Armstrong's packaged solutions can work for you.

From institutional low-pressure steam heating to critical heat transfer in industrial processes, Armstrong’s engineered condensate pump trap packages provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your condensate recovery requirements.