With revolutionary ionic bed technology

The Gas-Fired HumidiClean from Armstrong reduces operating costs, and its Ionic Bed Technology slashes costs even more by trimming the labor and downtime associated with cleaning humidifiers. The HumidiClean operates economically on natural gas or propane. It is adaptable to various water qualities, and service life cycle and tank drainage are field-adjustable. Here’s more good news: The HumidiClean is CSA-certified and CGA-approved.

What are ionic beds?

Ionic beds consist of a fibrous medium that attracts solids from the water as its temperature rises, minimizing the buildup of solids on the heat exchanger and inner tank walls. Once the ionic beds have absorbed their capacity of solids, a signal light on the humidifier tells you to change them—a mere 15-minute task.

Microscopic photos show how the ionic bed filters (magnified 52.5x) collect solids throughout their service life. (See photos.) A new ionic bed weighs approximately 3/4 pound. When it reaches its capacity, the unit may weigh more than four pounds. Ionic bed technology has years of field-proven success in thousands of humidifier installations. Just add up the savings from less maintenance and downtime.

  • Reduced cleaning of the tank heat exchanger
  • Reduced drain-screen cleaning—allowing for effective tank blowdown
  • Reduced heat-exchanger surface temperatures, with no output reduction
  • Reduced water and energy consumption due because of fewer required tank blowdowns
  • No need for wasteful surface skimmers

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