Simple, natural and efficient process

The EvaPack Series efficiently converts ordinary, liquid, tap water to water vapor using an adiabatic process or evaporation. Dry air passes through a corrugated bank of wetted cells media made from nonorganic wet fibers. EvaPack series uses the sensible air heat to evaporate the water to consume less energy and minimize pressure drop. The air is cooled and humidified.

EvaPack is easy and fast to install given its compact design with a maximum depth of 23.6 inches (600mm). The design features easily accessible humidifier cassettes and can also be quickly disassembled for a simplified maintenance.  The standard design can accommodate any thickness of cassette without modification making future changes easy.

EvaPack has been designed to get the highest air/water contact surface. Up to 12% more than traditional evaporative systems.  This gives EvaPack maximum efficiency and minimum pressure drop.

EvaPack​ applications in HVAC for data centers:

Direct evaporative cooling

Evaporation of water into the air causes a phase change, this cools the air as well as adds moisture. Traditionally done with nozzles and mist eliminator, but now evaporative media solutions like the EvaPack are more suitable.

Indirect Adiabatic cooling

In this case, the exhaust warm air is cooled down using the adiabatic process. That air enters a heat recovery exchanger to cool down the fresh air. This solution is convenient when the outside air needs to be cooled without increasing its humidity.

EvaPack Adiabatic Humidification Benefits:

  • Adiabatic cooling will allow downsizing of traditional cooling equipment and reduce its sizing and cost.
  • It is perfect for peak demand in support of AC compressors
  • EvaPack has a high efficiency even when compared to similar products on the market
  • Adiabatic cooling is a good way to help achieve a PUE<1.3. A PUE max of 1.3 is recommended for new data centers in Europe. 

EvaPack Features:

  • Best in Class Evaporation Efficiency with largest contact surface
  • Best in Class Energy Efficiency with lowest pressure drop
  • Best in Class Serviceability with cassettes and fittings with access from the side
  • Fireproof, safe and hygienic evaporative pad
  • Designed according to VDI 6022 Hygienic Standards
  • Pad thicknesses can be easily modified 

Discover EvaPack adiabatic cooling for data centers