Digital-Flo® Boiler Water Semi-Storage

The Armstrong Digital-Flo Semi-Storage water heating system produces highly efficient and accurate domestic hot water. Each package in the range incorporates the Armstrong Brain as the main tempertature control device for accurate hot water control at all levels of demand:

  • Delivers blended hot water at 60 ˚C with +/-1 ˚C accuracy, even at very low flows.
  • Water in tank is raised to above 70 ˚C which greatly reduces risk of Legionella growth in the tank.
  • Built in disinfection mode.
  • Can deliver a 25 % higher peak flow compared to a standard semi-storage system with the same sized tank.
  • Enables the use of smaller tanks, thus reduced footprint.
  • Energy efficient due to better temperature control.
  • Tanks insulated with 100mm glass fibre as standard with aluminium sheet coating.
  • Buffer vessel is available in Polywarm coated carbon steel (WRaS approved) or 316L stainless steel.
Only available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.