Advanced hot water system with digital control technology and instantaneous shell and tube heat exchanger design.   ReadiTemp™ was designed to meet higher set point temperature process applications such as closed loop vessel jacket heating and centralized plant sanitation.

We combined our state-of-the-art digital water temperature control technology with our instantaneous heat exchanger design to create ReadiTemp™—a revolutionary series of standard and application-customized steam/water instantaneous water heaters for any process application requiring very specific temperatures, from chilled water to temperatures as high as 212°F (100°C).

The Advantages of ReadiTemp™

  • Simple compact design
  • Available in six standard-size configurations – all customizable to suit specific site requirements
  • Features Emech®, Armstrong’s multi-patented rotary designed three-port mixing unit and digital actuator
  • Provides consistent temperature accuracy, enhanced operational efficiency and reduced maintenance
  • Visible on plant BAS or DDC