Duramix™ Face and By-pass Heating Coils

Armstrong Duramix heating coils control air temperature while operating at full steam pressure. Once set, the desired leaving-air temperature is maintained by Duramix™ regardless of variations in the temperature of the entering air. The Armstrong Duramix™ heating coil is simple, yet very effective, and it is easy to install and maintain.

How Duramix Face and By-pass Coils Work

Special dampers, controlled by a pneumatic actuator connected to a temperature sensor, adjust the leaving-air temperature by channeling the appropriate volume of entering air across the heating coils and allowing the remaining air to pass through by-pass channels. As entering air temperature gets closer to or farther from the set point, the dampers are closed or opened accordingly.

Armstrong Duramix heating coils combine the advantages of a face and by-pass system with the quality and heavy-duty construction that are part of every Armstrong coil. From an all-welded, monometallic coil to corrosion-resistant linkages to a tough casing assembly, Armstrong Duramix coils are built to provide long-lasting service. Our Duramix units can have vertical or horizontal louvers.

Duramix provides:

  • Maximum freeze protection
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Consistent leaving-air temperature

Typical applications:

  • HVAC air preheat systems
  • Make-up air systems
  • Combustion air preheat systems