VERIS Accelabar®

The Accelabar® is a new and unique flow meter that combines two differential pressure technologies to produce operating ranges never before attainable in a single flow meter. It is capable of generating high differential pressures for measuring gas, liquids and steam at turndowns previously unattainable—with no straight run requirements.

How it Works

The Accelabar® consists of a unique toroidal nozzle design and a Verabar® averaging pitot. The nozzle has a patented straight run “settling distance” that accelerates, linearizes and stabilizes the velocity profile sensed by the Verabar®. The Verabar® located within the nozzle accurately measures and significantly increases the differential pressure output to increase the operating range (turndown). The Accelabar® has a constant flow coefficient and produces an accuracy of up to ±0.50%.

Other manufacturers claim high accuracy, but over a limited turndown.

No Straight Run Required

The Accelabar® can be used in extremely limited straight run piping configurations. The straight run is integral to the meter. The stabilization and linearization of the velocity profile within the throat of the nozzle eliminates the need for any upstream run.

Verabar® Provides the Accuracy

The proven technology of the Verabar® makes the Accelabar® work. It accurately measures the flow rate within the nozzle. Its unique bullet shape, constant flow coefficient, solid one-piece construction, non-clog design and signal stability make it the only design capable of producing the overall performance.

Model sizes and Specifcations

The Accelabar® is a complete flow meter ready to install. It comes complete with single or dual transmitters depending on the turndown requirements.

An optional RTD is supplied in a Thermowell for dynamic compensation (required for use with multivariable transmitter).

AF Flanged Model