Trap Management Services

Intelligent Steam Trap Management Services

Turn to Armstrong for sustainable, proactive steam trap management services.

Our proven trap management program is engineered to maintain low trap failure rates, which can increase safety and efficiency, reduce production stoppages, and lower your energy use and environmental emissions. Armstrong's specialists will help you improve utility system reliability and performance with ongoing auditing, repair and replacement, and routine maintenance of your steam assets.

Armstrong Has Services to Solve Your Problems and Make Your Life Easier

With over 118 years of knowledge and experience, Armstrong can manage your steam system better than anyone in the world. As the trusted thermal utility partner for satisfied customers in more than 100 countries, we offer a wide variety of solutions to address your needs, including:

  • Proven, best-in-class program for steam trap management
  • Expert studies to assess one or more issues on your site
  • Energy audits to help reduce your energy consumption
  • Operations and maintenance services to help you manage your utilities
  • Innovative products for accurate system monitoring and effective steam trapping
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