Steam & Condensate

Steam and Condensate Management

for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Turn to Armstrong for expert steam piping, complete with steam traps, control valves, condensate removal equipment, and more.

Our specialists can help you: ensure that steam traps are properly sized, selected and in working order; monitor traps and steam quality; and deaerate and maintain condensate at appropriately high temperatures. Armstrong's solutions are engineered for superior accuracy, and reliability as well as best-in-class quality, longevity and value—for the most effective steam and condensate management available. We offer:

    • Effective Steam Trapping  

      Armstrong steam traps are designed for energy efficiency, minimal steam loss, corrosion resistance and long, dependable service. We offer a complete range of steam traps including: inverted bucket steam traps, bimetallic super heat steam traps, clean steam thermostatic steam traps, disc steam traps, dual orifice steam traps, float and thermostatic steam traps, radiator traps, trap valve stations and more.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam Traps
    • TVS 4000 Series Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station   

      Advantages include: reduced costs; easy, in-line repairability with maximum safety; simplified trap testing; installation versatility; multiple functions; reduced design time; and three-year guarantee. Compatible with inverted bucket, disc, thermostatic, thermostatic wafer, bimetallic, float and thermostatic, and two-bolt steam traps from other manufacturers.

      Learn more about the TVS 4000
    • TC Series Clean Steam Thermostatic Steam Traps  

      Armstrong offers a complete range of TC Series traps to handle the special requirements of clean steam systems. Different body configurations are available for choice of piping and ease of cleaning. TC Series traps are constructed from 316L stainless steel for corrosion resistance and are highly polished for cleanability.

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    • SAGE UMT™ Wireless, Handheld Trap Tester   

      SAGE UMT™ Wireless, Handheld Trap Tester

      Testing steam traps is as simple as pressing a button with SAGE UMT™. Armstrong's state-of-the-art, automatic trap testing device eliminates user error and raises the quality of trap testing to a new level. With SAGE UMT™, any steam trap technician can survey traps quickly, easily and accurately on a regular basis, while information syncs seamlessly to SAGE®.

      SAGE UMT™ is a Fundamental Tool in Your Complete Trap Management Program.

      • Detects traps in good, cold and blow-through condition
      • Piezoelectric acoustic sensor, developed and tuned specifically for the unique conditions found in steam traps
      • Non-contact infrared temperature sensor
      • RFID technology significantly reduces the time required to locate and identify traps
      • SAGE UMT™ works seamlessly with SAGE® Mobile and SAGE® Smart Utility System Management platform
      • SAGE® immediately uploads data to the cloud where it's protected by high-level security and automated backups
      • Customers own their own data

      Learn more about SAGE UMT™ Wireless, Handheld Automatic Trap Tester | Learn more about Armstrong's Trap Management Services

    • SAGE® Smart Utility System Management  

      SAGE® keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day with regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts notifying you of any problems. SAGE® is engineered to be a fully integrated part of your steam system. It works seamlessly with our real-time monitoring products (SteamEye® and AIM®), ensuring that it always has access to the most current data.

      SAGE® works harder to make your life easier.

      • Survey steam traps quickly and accurately with SAGE® Mobile
      • Maximize your equipment's reliability, efficiency and safety
      • Customizable user experience
      • Accessible on tablets, laptops and PCs
      • Real-time dashboard monitoring
      • Secure remote programming
      • Multi-location views
      Learn more about SAGE® | Download the SAGE® by Armstrong Brochure
    • Condensate Management  

      Armstrong offers a full range of condensate recovery and management products and solutions, including pumps. We can help you reduce costs for: fuel and energy, boiler water makeup and sewage treatment, and boiler water chemical treatment.

      Learn more about Armstrong's:

      Condensate Recovery Equipment | Pump Trap Packages | Steam Powered Pumps and Pump Traps | Electric FHC Condensate Pumps
    • Steam Quality Monitoring - Steam QM®-1  

      Quicker and consistently more reliable and accurate than manual methods, Armstrong's Steam QM®-1 automatically detects the dryness fraction of steam and provides continuous steam quality measurement data trending over time.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam QM®-1
    • Steam Quality Monitoring - Steam QM®-3  

      Easily and efficiently measure the quality of steam used for sterile applications with Steam QM®-3. Our automatic steam quality monitor determines and communicates steam moisture content, the amount of superheat present, and the concentration of non-condensable gases in steam.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam QM®-2
    • Steam Separators  

      Armstrong in-line separators separate condensate efficiently using the centrifugal force of steam or air created by introducing it to a specifically shaped path. The result is improved thermal efficiency and reduced risks for water hammer, equipment corrosion and other problems.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam Separators
    • Steam Filters  

      Armstrong’s industrial stainless steam filters are designed for filtering steam to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates. Suitable for process steam and culinary steam applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

      Learn More About Armstrong Steam Filters
    • Wireless Steam System Monitoring  

      Armstrong offers superior, groundbreaking solutions that provide real-time monitoring of your critical steam trap population. You receive instantaneous notifications of any problems, enabling you to repair or replace failed traps before they create serious steam quality issues.

      Both SteamEye® and AIM® can communicate with SAGE®, allowing the user to continuously monitor critical traps and survey the entire trap population, all in the same database.

      Learn More About Armstrong Steam System Monitoring

      AIM® (Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring)

      AIM® is a wireless monitoring technology built on the WirelessHART® and ISA-100 communications protocols, which continuously monitors and evaluates the operating condition of steam traps and other critical equipment in your system. AIM® provides instantaneous notification in the event of steam trap or critical equipment failure.

      Learn more about AIM® ST5700 | Download Our Brochure on Steam Trap Monitoring—AIM® and WirelessHART®


      SteamEye® uses a proprietary radio frequency (RF) wireless transmitter mounted at the inlet of any type of steam trap to detect temperature and ultrasonic fluctuations in steam flow. In the event of steam trap failure, a signal is sent to a central receiver, alerting system operators that maintenance is required.

      Learn more about SteamEye® | Download Our Steam Trap Management Products and Services Brochure, With SteamEye®
    • Control Valves  

      Fully utilize your system and provide safe accurate control for your application.

      Learn More About Armstrong Python Control Valves
    • Air and Gas Vents   

      Armstrong float-operated air vents are designed for removal of air/gas from a pressurized liquid during industrial processes. Automatic and continuous air vent operation provides increased system efficiency. Applications include hydronic heating systems, water service lines, water storage tanks, centrifugal pumps, gas lines, solvent filters and similar equipment.

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    • Condensate Quality and Contamination, Part 1 and 2  

      Covered material includes: types of condensate contamination; root causes and sources of contamination and problems caused; addressing and solving contamination issues; how condensate polishers work.

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    • O&M BEST Practices for Condensate Return Systems  

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    • O&M Best Practices for Steam Users  

      Topics covered include: the importance of steam user quality, identification of key performance indicators, best practices for steam users, equipment maintenance and routine checks, and key attributes of standard operating procedures.

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    • Water Hammer  

      This course will discuss the basic mechanics of water hammer and help you identify conditions under which it may occur; it will also explain how to apply preventative solutions to avoid the occurrence of water hammer.

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