Production & Yield

Increasing Production and Yield

for the Pharmaceutical Industry

From durable, hardworking products to complete, customized, fully integrated systems, Armstrong has exactly what you need.

We offer industry-leading equipment and expertise in steam and condensate, hot water, flow measurement, heat transfer and more—all engineered to increase your productivity and efficiency. Turn to Armstrong for:

  • Automatic steam quality monitoring that continuously measures and communicates the dryness fraction of steam

    • Steam QM®-1  

      Quicker and consistently more reliable and accurate than manual methods, Armstrong's Steam QM®-1 automatically detects the dryness fraction of steam and provides continuous steam quality measurement data trending over time.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam QM®-1
    • Steam QM®-3  

      Easily and efficiently measure the quality of steam used for sterile applications with Steam QM®-3. Our automatic steam quality monitor determines and communicates steam moisture content, the amount of superheat present, and the concentration of non-condensable gases in steam.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam QM®-3
  • Steam separators and steam filters to remove impurities

    • Steam Separators  

      Armstrong in-line separators separate condensate efficiently using the centrifugal force of steam or air created by introducing it to a specifically shaped path. The result is improved thermal efficiency and reduced risks for water hammer, equipment corrosion and other problems.

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    • Steam Filters  

      Armstrong’s industrial stainless steam filters are designed for filtering steam to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates. Suitable for process steam and culinary steam applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Expert steam piping, complete with steam traps, control valves, and condensate removal equipment

    • Effective Steam Trapping  

      Armstrong steam traps are designed for energy efficiency, minimal steam loss, corrosion resistance and long, dependable service. We offer a complete range of steam traps including: inverted bucket steam traps, bimetallic super heat steam traps, clean steam thermostatic steam traps, disc steam traps, dual orifice steam traps, float and thermostatic steam traps, radiator traps, trap valve stations and more.

      Learn more about Armstrong Steam Traps
    • Control Valves  

      Fully utilize your system and provide safe accurate control for your application.

      Learn More About Armstrong Python Control Valves
    • Condensate Management  

      Armstrong offers a full range of condensate recovery and management products and solutions, including pumps. We can help you reduce costs for: fuel and energy, boiler water makeup and sewage treatment, and boiler water chemical treatment.

      Learn more about Armstrong's:

      Condensate Recovery Equipment | Pump Trap Packages | Steam Powered Pumps and Pump Traps | Electric FHC Condensate Pumps
  • Instantaneous hot water generation and digital temperature control for tighter process control of hot water

    • Emech® Digital Control Valves  

      Emech® delivers and maintains water at precisely the desired temperature (+/-1°F, +/-0.5°C)—hot or chilled—immediately on demand. It ensures a consistent supply of water at the precision temperatures required for a variety of applications. Compared to traditional systems, Emech® offers a superior performance for speed, precision and reduced mechanical wear.

      Learn more about Emech® Water Temperature Control
    • Emech® Industrial Mixing Centers  

      The Emech® digital control valve is pre-piped as an industrial mixing center with all the requisite installation components for compact design and ease of installation. Advantages include consistent temperature accuracy, enhanced operational efficiency and reduced maintenance.

      Learn More About Emech® Industrial Mixing Centers
    • ReadiTemp™ Instantaneous Water Heater  

      ReadiTemp™ is Armstrong's revolutionary series of standard and application-customized steam/water instantaneous water heaters for any process application requiring very specific temperatures as high as 212°F (100°C). Our advanced hot water system combines digital control technology and instantaneous shell and tube heat exchanger design to meet higher set point temperature process applications, such as closed loop vessel jacket heating and centralized plant sanitation.

      Learn more about ReadiTemp™ Water Heaters
    • Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Instantaneous Water Heater  

      Flo-Direct® maintains 99.7% (HHV) efficiency throughout every phase of operation. They consume no fuel during warm-up or when idle, nor do they lose any energy through steam conversion. Water comes in contact with heat from combustion more than once, ensuring that virtually all of the heat and energy generated during combustion is captured by the water.

      Simple in design and operation, Flo-Direct® water heaters are constructed of all stainless steel with no internal moving parts and their compact size requires only minimal floor space. They are ideal for a broad range of hot water applications, including wash-down, batch production, vessel filling, tank cleaning and more.

      Learn more about Flo-Direct® Gas-fired Water Heater
  • Cutting-edge technology for smart steam trap surveys and steam system management

    • SAGE UMT Wireless, Handheld Trap Tester  

      Testing steam traps is as simple as pressing a button with SAGE UMT™. Armstrong's state-of-the-art, automatic trap testing device eliminates user error and raises the quality of trap testing to a new level. With SAGE UMT™, any steam trap technician can survey traps quickly, easily and accurately on a regular basis, while information syncs seamlessly to SAGE®.


      • Detects traps in good, cold and blow-through condition
      • Piezoelectric acoustic sensor, developed and tuned specifically for the unique conditions found in steam traps
      • Non-contact infrared temperature sensor
      • RFID technology significantly reduces the time required to locate and identify traps
      • SAGE UMT™ works seamlessly with SAGE® Mobile and SAGE® Smart Utility System Management platform
      • Data is uploaded to the cloud by SAGE® for secure storage and automated backups
      • Customers own their own data
      • Lifetime upgrades for SAGE UMT™ firmware at no charge
      Learn more about SAGE UMT™ Wireless, Handheld Automatic Trap Tester | Learn more about Armstrong's Trap Management Services
    • SAGE® Smart Utility System Management  

      SAGE® keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day with regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts notifying you of any problems. SAGE® is engineered to be a fully integrated part of your steam system. It works seamlessly with our real-time monitoring products (SteamEye® and AIM®), ensuring that it always has access to the most current data.

      SAGE® works harder to make your life easier.

      • Survey steam traps quickly and accurately with SAGE® Mobile
      • Maximize your equipment's reliability, efficiency and safety
      • Customizable user experience
      • Accessible on tablets, laptops and PCs
      • Real-time dashboard monitoring
      • Secure remote programming
      • Multi-location views
      Learn more about SAGE® | Download the SAGE® by Armstrong Brochure
  • Wireless steam trap monitoring

    • AIM® (Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring)  

      AIM® is a wireless monitoring technology built on the WirelessHART and ISA-100 communications protocols, which continuously monitors and evaluates the operating condition of steam traps and other critical equipment in your system. AIM® provides instantaneous notification in the event of steam trap or critical equipment failure.

      Learn more about AIM® ST5700
    • SteamEye®  

      SteamEye® uses a proprietary radio frequency (RF) wireless transmitter mounted at the inlet of any type of steam trap to detect temperature and ultrasonic fluctuations in steam flow. In the event of steam trap failure, a signal is sent to a central receiver, alerting system operators that maintenance is required.

      Learn more about SteamEye®
  • Flow measurement technology that delivers reliable accuracy for any application

    • VERIS Accelabar®  

      In a class of its own, this highly accurate flow measurement device has a patented no-straight-pipe installation requirement. VERIS Accelabar® provides exceptional versatility, with turndown capabilities over a large range of flow rates.

      Learn more about VERIS Accelabar® | Download Our VERIS Accelabar® Brochure
    • VERIS Verabar®  

      VERIS Verabar® is the most accurate, reliable and advanced averaging pitot tube on the market today. It has a bullet shape and aerospace design principles that produce a stable flow signal with less propensity to clogging in the presence of dirt or debris.

      Learn More About VERIS Verabar®
    • Armstrong Vortex Meter  

      Reliable, well-known vortex technology in a package that is easy to install and simple to operate. Armstrong inline and insertion vortex meters are capable of HART, Modbus, BacNet, or analog outputs with integral pressure and temperature compensation.

      Learn more about Armstrong Vortex Meters
    • Electromagnetic Flowmeter   

      The high-performance Armstrong Electromagnetic Flowmeter (AMF-F) accurately measures the volumetric flow of conductive liquids, such as water, salt water, sewage, pulps, slurry, acid, alkali, or any mixture of liquids and solids that have a minimum conductivity of 5μS/cm.

      Learn more about Armstrong Electromagnetic Flowmeters
    • Ultrasonic Flowmeter  

      Install at a fixed location for long-term flow measurement on a closed pipe, carrying pure liquids or liquids with some suspended particles. Advantages include no moving parts/maintenance, NIST traceable factory calibration, multi frequency system, thermal energy measurement, no shutdowns/pipework for installation, and optional communication protocols: BACnet, GPRS, RF wireless, RS485/MODBUS.

      Learn more about Ultrasonic Flowmeters
  • Heat transfer management, including custom-built coils

  • Comprehensive on-site system assessments to identify opportunities for improvement

    • Audits, Studies and Consulting  

      We conduct a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your utility system to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and uncover the cause of current or potential problems. After analyzing the results, our specialists determine the intelligent solutions that will be most effective in achieving your objectives. Your detailed report will include recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), schematics, drawings, estimated savings (thermal, water and financial), emissions reductions, and more.

      Schedule an On-site System Assessment

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