Maintenance & Reliability

Maintenance and Reliability

For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Maximizing efficiency, dependability and longevity for companies like yours is our specialty.

Armstrong has a worldwide network of resources, devoted to solving your problems and preventing them. We're here to make things easier for you with long-term, sustainable solutions that deliver a superior ROI in your plants. Thermal utility expertise this advanced can only be found at Armstrong.

Our products are engineered to work together for outstanding performance, durability, and value.

Maintenance and reliability in a pharmaceutical industry manufacturing facility

More than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience, combined with our extensive manufacturing strength and flexibility, enables us to custom design and build rugged, long-lasting, best-in-class equipment to meet your exact requirements. Our products are backed by our distinctive technical support, and we can perform real-time evaluations on many products using our digital monitoring technology. Armstrong ensures unwavering reliability, safety and efficiency through our stringent quality control, rigorously supported quality assurance and supply chain, and our expert manufacturing, engineering and maintenance teams.

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  • Sustainable, Proactive Trap Management Services


      Armstrong is here to solve your problems and prevent them with a holistic approach that considers your entire steam system, as well as the unique requirements of your facilities and industry. Our specialists will work with you to implement a custom trap management program designed to increase reliability and efficiency while avoiding safety risks, such as water hammer. From utility system optimization and expert coordination for steam trap replacements to complete turnkey solutions customized for your requirements, Armstrong does it all.


      • Reliable, accurate trap surveys performed by Armstrong's trained, certified technicians
      • Tools and training to help you conduct your own surveys more accurately and efficiently
      • Expert studies to assess one or more issues on your site maintain
      • Energy audits to detect failed or leaking traps, determine the cause of any failures, and find ways to reduce your energy consumption
      • Operations and maintenance services to help you manage your utilities more efficiently
      • Innovative products and technology for accurate system monitoring and effective steam trapping

      Armstrong steam traps are designed for energy efficiency, minimal steam loss, corrosion resistance and long, dependable service. We offer a complete range of steam traps including: inverted bucket steam traps, bimetallic super heat steam traps, clean steam thermostatic steam traps, disc steam traps, dual orifice steam traps, float and thermostatic steam traps, radiator traps, trap valve stations and more.

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      More than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to manage your steam and condensate requirements better than anyone in the world. Our solutions are all engineered to consistently deliver superior accuracy and reliability as well as best-in-class quality, longevity and value—for more effective steam and condensate management.

  • Cutting-edge technology for smart steam trap surveys and steam system management

    • SAGE UMT Wireless, Handheld Trap Tester  

      Testing steam traps is as simple as pressing a button with SAGE UMT™. Armstrong's state-of-the-art, automatic trap testing device eliminates user error and raises the quality of trap testing to a new level. With SAGE UMT™, any steam trap technician can survey traps quickly, easily and accurately on a regular basis, while information syncs seamlessly to SAGE®.


      • Detects traps in good, cold and blow-through condition
      • Piezoelectric acoustic sensor, developed and tuned specifically for the unique conditions found in steam traps
      • Non-contact infrared temperature sensor
      • RFID technology significantly reduces the time required to locate and identify traps
      • SAGE UMT™ works seamlessly with SAGE® Mobile and SAGE® Smart Utility System Management platform
      • Data is uploaded to the cloud by SAGE® for secure storage and automated backups
      • Customers own their own data
      • Lifetime upgrades for SAGE UMT™ firmware at no charge
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    • SAGE® Smart Utility System Management  

      SAGE® keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day with regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts notifying you of any problems. SAGE® is engineered to be a fully integrated part of your steam system. It works seamlessly with our real-time monitoring products (SteamEye® and AIM®), ensuring that it always has access to the most current data.

      SAGE® works harder to make your life easier.

      • Survey steam traps quickly and accurately with SAGE® Mobile
      • Maximize your equipment's reliability, efficiency and safety
      • Customizable user experience
      • Accessible on tablets, laptops and PCs
      • Real-time dashboard monitoring
      • Secure remote programming
      • Multi-location views
      Learn more about SAGE® | Download the SAGE® by Armstrong Brochure
  • Specialized Optimization Services

    • Assessments  

      This is a preliminary system assessment, or walkthrough, of your facility that allows us to gather important information about your utility system's infrastructure. Once we have identified any immediate opportunities for improvements, such as reducing energy use or correcting safety issues, Armstrong's experts will offer initial recommendations.

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    • Audits, Studies and Consulting  

      We conduct a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your utility system to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and uncover the cause of current or potential problems. After analyzing the results, our specialists determine the intelligent solutions that will be most effective in achieving your objectives. Your detailed report will include recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), schematics, drawings, estimated savings (thermal, water and financial), emissions reductions, and more.

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    • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)  

      Armstrong's complete range of O&M services can be customized for the distinctive needs of your industry and facilities. Our specialists will provide everything from short-term supervision to ongoing management of your entire thermal utility system infrastructure. We also offer expert training to help you manage it yourself, more efficiently and safely.

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    • Engineering Services and Turnkey Project Solutions   

      Armstrong's custom engineering and turnkey services are designed to address the most difficult challenges faced by your facilities. We offer site-specific solutions for every area of your utility system, including: steam generation, distribution and utilization; condensate return; flash steam and heat recovery; hot water generation, distribution, and temperature control; water utilization; water and wastewater treatment; electricity utilization; and more.

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      Includes over 40 online courses to help you: Increase production, yield and sustainability; provide safety and skill development for your utility personnel; and learn how monitoring, measuring and auditing your systems can save time, money and energy.

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