Humidification Equipment

For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Achieve reliable, economical, trouble-free control of your humidity with Armstrong.

Armstrong provides leading-edge engineering, manufacturing and application of humidification and conditioned steam equipment for companies of all sizes, all over the world. We have the energy-efficient, cost-effective products and solutions you need to consistently deliver clean, reliable, precisely controlled humidification.

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Armstrong offers:

  • Conditioned steam
  • Electric steam humidifiers
  • Gas-fired steam Humidiclean™
  • Atomization
  • Evaporative humidification
  • Specialized steam dispersion methods

Our Innovative Conditioned Steam Delivers Superior Humidification

Armstrong's improvements in steam humidification are fundamentally unique because they begin with the steam, not the humidifier. Unlike units that simply disperse steam, Armstrong’s direct-steam humidifiers work with the steam, guiding it through a carefully engineered, four-step conditioning process developed by our experts.


  • Slow and Strain—Steam is slowed down and strained to remove particulate matter.
  • Separate—Condensate is separated from the steam.
  • Dry—Steam enters a drying chamber; any remaining mist is re-evaporated.
  • Silence—The drying chamber is filled with stainless steel silencing material that absorbs the noise of escaping steam as it is generated at the control valve.
  • Products

    • Series 1000 Stainless Steel Direct Steam Humidifiers  

      Series 1000 Stainless Steel Direct Steam Humidifiers

      Series 1000 Stainless Steel Direct Steam Humidifiers

      Armstrong offers Series 1000 steam-separator humidifiers for use in sensitive environments where pure demineralized, deionized or distilled water is used to generate clean steam. Wetted parts of the humidifier package are stainless steel, minimizing the carryover of impurities created by this highly corrosive water.

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      Advantages include:

      • Reduced corrosion threat
      • No condensation through radiation
      • Effective silencing
      • Dry steam discharge
      • Maximum separation
      • Dependable inverted bucket drainage
    • HumidiClean Series HC-6000 Humidifiers  

      HumidiClean™ Humidifiers

      HumidiClean™ Series HC-6000 electric humidifiers feature replaceable, ionic bed inserts. This remarkable technology provides more efficient and safe operation, increased energy savings, and close to maximum output throughout their service life.

      Learn More About HumidiClean™ Series HC-6000 Humidifiers | Download Our HumidiClean™ Series HC-6000 Brochure
    • Unfired Steam Generators  

      Unfired Steam Generators

      Armstrong unfired steam generators (USGs) produce pressurized clean steam using boiler steam or high-temperature hot water as an energy source. USGs are designed to provide the correct balance of steaming area, coil size and control components to meet specified requirements. An over-pressure safety system closes both the feed-water and source steam valves, shutting the unit off. Typical uses include humidification, sterilization, pharmaceutical applications and food processing.

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      Armstrong conditioned steam showers are designed to create a stratum of high humidity in close proximity to a fast-moving sheet or film, preventing accumulation of static electricity or loss of moisture from the sheet or film, enabling you to maintain the desired moisture content.

      Learn More About Series 9000 SM Steam Showers | Download our Steam Showers Humidification Brochure

      A complete Series 9000 SM Steam Shower package includes:

      • Shower with integral operator
      • Distribution manifold
      • Y-type strainer
      • Armstrong inverted bucket steam trap
      • Temperature switch to prevent operation before cold start-up condensate is drained

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Case Studies

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      A prominent bio-pharmaceutical manufacturer in Asia turned to Armstrong to upgrade their humidification system. Armstrong series 9000 steam injection humidifiers were chosen for their performance and ability to provide accurate humidification control necessary for quality production.

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