Hot Water

Hot Water Generation, Distribution and Digital Temperature Control

for the Pharmaceutical Industry

From individual products to complete, fully integrated systems, Armstrong fulfills your most exacting hot water demands.

As the trusted global leader in instantaneous hot water generation, distribution, and precision temperature control, Armstrong understands the pharmaceutical industry's hot water system dynamic. We'll show you how to avoid scaling, improve efficiency and safety, and increase productivity. Our experts can help you satisfy global water quality standards by providing clean, safe outgoing water that meets USFDA and EU bottle water and food ingredient water standards for direct use without additional filtration. (This statement presumes USFDA and EU compliant influent water.)

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    • Hot Water Generation  

      ReadiTemp™ Instantaneous Water Heater

      ReadiTemp™ is Armstrong's revolutionary series of standard and application-customized steam/water instantaneous water heaters for any process application requiring very specific temperatures as high as 212°F (100°C). Our advanced hot water system combines digital control technology and instantaneous shell and tube heat exchanger design to meet higher set point temperature process applications, such as closed loop vessel jacket heating and centralized plant sanitation.

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      Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Instantaneous Water Heater

      Flo-Direct® maintains 99.7% (HHV) efficiency throughout every phase of operation. They consume no fuel during warm-up or when idle, nor do they lose any energy through steam conversion. Water comes in contact with heat from combustion more than once, ensuring that virtually all of the heat and energy generated during combustion is captured by the water.

      Simple in design and operation, Flo-Direct® water heaters are constructed of all stainless steel with no internal moving parts and their compact size requires only minimal floor space. They are ideal for a broad range of hot water applications, including wash-down, batch production, vessel filling, tank cleaning and more.

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    • Temperature Control  

      Emech® Digital Control Valves

      Emech® delivers and maintains water at precisely the desired temperature (+/-1°F, +/-0.5°C)—hot or chilled—immediately on demand. It ensures a consistent supply of water at the precision temperatures required for a variety of applications. Compared to traditional systems, Emech® offers a superior performance for speed, precision and reduced mechanical wear.

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      Emech® Industrial Mixing Centers

      The Emech® digital control valve is pre-piped as an industrial mixing center with all the requisite installation components for compact design and ease of installation. Advantages include consistent temperature accuracy, enhanced operational efficiency and reduced maintenance.

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    • Steam and Water Hose Stations   

      Armstrong hose stations improve efficiency and reduce risk when mixing steam and water at the point of use for wash-down. Our hose stations will not pass live steam, even in the event of a: significant cold water pressure reduction, complete failure of the cold water supply, or failure of its primary operating component.

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