Guest Satisfaction & Safety

Guest Satisfaction and Safety

Complete, custom solutions in steam, hot water and humidification to ensure a safe, comfortable experience that will bring your guests back, again and again.

Armstrong offers a vast array of products and solutions engineered for performance in your hotels, anywhere in the world. Our experts will help you: implement and maintain proper steam and condensate management; improve humidity levels and air quality; provide reliable hot water for showers, 24 hours a day, at consistent temperatures to prevent scalding; and ensure consistent compliance with regulations and Standards of Care.

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Standards of Care

A Standard of Care is defined as acknowledged applicable laws, standards and guidelines. Following a Standard of Care can minimize the risk of scald injury, Legionella-related illness and the associated litigation. OSHA (1998), ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000, ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 and VA Directive 1061 (2014) are Standards of Care which include critical recommendations for establishing and monitoring hot water system temperature control limits.

"Legionnaires’ Disease – The Disease of Modern Plumbing Systems and Costly Litigation"

by Tim Keane, Legionella Risk Management, Inc.

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Recommendations from Armstrong University


Learn how Legionella develops in hot water systems, the dangers of Legionella if left untreated and how it can be killed, and how to design a hot water system that discourages Legionella growth.

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Safety Training 101 Package

This package of 21 courses addresses environmental health and safety issues to help you provide a safe working environment. Each course can typically be completed in 30 minutes or less.

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