Humidification Solutions

Humidification Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Armstrong provides industry-leading design, manufacturing and application of humidification and conditioned steam equipment for healthcare organizations worldwide.

Our energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions consistently deliver the clean, reliable, precisely controlled humidification necessary for reducing static discharge and airborne bacteria, which can ultimately lead to fewer infections and increased safety for patients.

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Humidification in Healthcare Environments

Learn about humidification requirements for healthcare environments, understand the relationship between humidification and airborne pathogens, review best practices in healthcare standards requiring humidification.

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HumidiClean™ Humidifiers

HumidiClean™ Humidifiers

HumidiClean™ electric and gas-fired humidifiers feature replaceable, ionic bed inserts. This remarkable technology provides more efficient and safe operation, increased energy savings, and close to maximum output throughout their service life.

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HumidiPack® Steam Dispersion Panels

HumidiPack® Steam Dispersion Panels

This prefabricated steam humidifier system is ready for insertion in the duct. Armstrong HumidiPack® offers simplified installation, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, reduced heat gain to duct air, and compatibility with many steam sources. The HumidiPack® Family includes a variety of sizes and configurations to meet new installation or retrofit needs.

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Series CS Steam-to-Steam Humidifiers

Series CS Steam-to-Steam Humidifiers

Armstrong's Series CS steam-to-steam humidifiers use existing boiler steam to produce clean, economical steam from untreated water. Features include: ionic beds, heavy-duty construction, in-line strainer, and safety features that protect against damage in the event of failure.

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