EvaPack™ Evaporative Pad

EvaPack™ Evaporative Pad

The EvaPack™ evaporative pad is an inorganic pad made of fiberglass sheets.

  • High degree of wetting—Special impregnated glass fiber material allows for high moisture absorptive capability, ensuring continuous humidification.
  • Rigid—The media has a corrugated and compact structure that allows no rigidity loss, and no fiber loss in the air flow.
  • Safe—Contains no harmful substances. Complies the Directive Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 2011/65/UE (2002/95/CE).
  • Hygienic—Fulfils requirements from the VDI 6022, Part 1 (04/2006) in microbial inertness and is suitable for use in HVAC-systems relating to this examination of microbial inertness.
  • Fireproof—Noncombustible Euro Class A1 according to EN ISO 1716:2011 and UNE EN ISO 1182:2011.
  • Versatile—EvaPack™ evaporative pads accept any potable water, soft water and reverse osmosis water and can be used in all industrial and comfort applications.
  • Free of odor—No odors from chemicals or organics.
  • Efficient—The EvaPack™ evaporative corrugation flute angle configuration is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize pressure drop.

EvaPack™ Media Pad Performance Charts Based on Pad Thickness

EvaPack™ Evaporative Pad

Droplet separator necessary.

(*) maximum air velocity 900 ft/min [4.5 m/s]

Note: For additional EvaPack™ pad thicknesses, please consult your Armstrong representative.

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