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From rugged, dependable equipment and complete system solutions to leading-edge technology, Armstrong has it all.

Some of the world’s largest, most prominent refineries and chemical processors turn to Armstrong as their trusted thermal utility partner. Check out the full range of intelligent, hardworking products, state-of-the-art tools and software, expert training, and specialized services we offer for your new and existing facilities of all sizes, worldwide.

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Best Practices for HPI/CPI, Tailored to Your Application and Facilities

Armstrong's specialists are experienced and knowledgeable, with deep insight into your industry's processes, systems and requirements. We can help you establish customized standards and best practices for product application and piping design that are designed to address and prevent critical issues for a specific unit or refinery, or your entire organization, in locations all over the world. Together, we'll figure out what works best for you.

Best Practices Piping Diagrams: Steam and Condensate Systems

Boost Productivity, Lower Energy Consumption, and Maximize Reliability of Processes and Systems

Whatever you're trying to achieve, you can count on Armstrong to provide exactly what you need.

Solving your problems and making things easier for you is the reason we're here. As global leaders in energy management, we understand the tough, complex issues you face in the refining and chemical processing industry, day after day. Our experts are trained to help you:

Increase Safety, Reduce Risk and Improve Compliance Throughout Your Refineries

Boost Productivity, Lower Energy Consumption, and Maximize Reliability of Processes and Systems

Gain Industry-Specific Training and Knowledge, Conveniently Online or at Your Site

Improve Reliability and Performance With Best Practices in Piping Design