Steam Filter Kit

Steam Filter Kit

Clean Steam and Reliable Product Made Simple

The use of a steam filter kit will allow for the proper removal of entrained, excess condensate (water) and help to free the steam from unwanted particulates. Without the elimination of these components ahead of the direct injection site, product that steam is being injected in to runs the risk of contamination and potential non-compliance of 3-A standards. To prevent the possibility of running in to any of these preventable issues, we recommend the Armstrong Steam Filter Kit for a variety of facilities and applications such as; dairy/yogurt, bottling, beef snack, nutrition, cooking, chocolate, and many more.

Our filter kits include a separator, drip trap, strainer with blowdown valve, steam filter with .5μm sintered element, liquid drainer for the separator body and a differential pressure gauge to monitor pressure drop across the filter.

Steam Filter Components

  • DS-1: Drain Separator to dry out the steam
  • (2pc) Gate Valves to isolate the system for maintenance
  • TVS-800 Series trap valve station to trap the DS-1 and includes valves to self-isolate for maintenance
  • Cast Iron Y Strainer to strainer remaining large particulates ahead of the filter
  • ASF 304SS Filter Housing
  • ASF 316SS Sintered Steel Filter Element w/ 304SS welded caps 5mic 3-A Certified
  • Differential Pressure Gauge w/ SS Wetted internals for monitoring of pressure drop across the steam filter
  • 11-LD: SS Liquid Drainer collect and dispose of any remaining condensate out of the steam filter.