Safety and Liability

Improve Safety and Reduce Liability in the Refining and Chemical Processing Industry

Satisfying your toughest safety and liability issues is our speciality.

Call on Armstrong for help in addressing existing safety problems, reducing liability, complying with government standards, and preventing critical or dangerous issues, such as: water hammer, superheated steam leaks, burns, ice formation, low visibility due to excess steam, and more.

The Causes and Effects of Water Hammer

Dangers of Water Hammer

Our experts know what to look for, and what to do, whenever we find an existing problem, potential issue, or opportunity for improvement.

As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong gives you access to more than a century of knowledge and experience. We can help you establish customized standards and best practices to comply with stringent environmental requirements and address critical safety issues throughout your facilities, anywhere in the world.

Armstrong offers a vast array of products, programs, services, and education, designed to improve safety and compliance in the refining and chemical processing industry, including:

  • Expert steam piping, complete with steam traps, control valves, trap valve stations, and condensate removal equipment
  • State-of-the-art steam system management software and automatic trap testing tool
  • Proven trap management services
  • Wireless steam trap monitoring
  • Flow meters that accurately measure energy consumption
  • Training, lunch-and-learn events at your site, and online courses to help you address a variety of safety issues
  • Hose stations that will not pass live steam
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Case Studies

Design, engineering and installation of condensate return solution corrects persistent water hammer problem for major chemical company.

Dow Chemical, Texas, U.S.

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Improved steam system safety and reliability for the world's largest refinery plant of its kind.

Shell Global, Pearl GTL, Qatar

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Refinery experiences increased safety, efficiency and reliability after completion of improvements based on full analysis of HP and LP condensate return systems.

British Petroleum, Netherlands

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Extensive audit and subsequent system improvements successfully reduce risk of severe water hammer incidents.

Shell Chemicals, U.K.

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Audit and resulting custom-engineered condensate system solution successfully mitigates water hammer problem and improves safety and efficiency.

Total, Oudalle, France

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Water Hammer

Explains: the basic mechanics of water hammer; how to identify conditions under which it may occur; and the application of preventative solutions to avoid water hammer occurrence.

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Safety Training 101 Package

Contains 21 courses that address environmental health and safety issues to help you provide a safe working environment. Each course can typically be completed in 30 minutes or less.

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