EvaPack™ Direct Water (DW) Series Configuration and Components

EvaPack™ Direct Water (DW) Series Configuration and Components


    • Options for DW Configuration   

      • High efficiency integral droplet separator in PP material (requested for VDI 6022 hygienic configuration)
      • Solenoid inlet water valve
      • Filling water pretreatment by U.V. lamp with 50μm and 5μm water filters
      • Air relative humidity sensor
      • Air temperature sensor
      • Multiple stage control with solenoid valves (up to 5 stage control)
      • Water level detector (high water level alarm)

      Note: For electrical options our EvaPack™ control panel is recommended.

    • Standard Components Supplied With EvaPack™   

      • Water basin with draining and overflow piping
      • Evaporative cassettes (composed of EvaPack™ evaporative pad and cassette frames in stainless steel AISI 304)
      • Side and top frames in stainless AISI 304
      • Irrigation piping
      • Dispersion manifold(s) with calibrated orifices
      • Manual adjustment gate valve(s)
    • Operation Sequences   

      • A. Water enters from the water supply (1) and arrives to the dispersion manifold (4). Water flow is adjusted with a manual gate valve (3).
      • B. Calibrated orifices deliver the water evenly over each media pad (5).
      • C. Dry air passes through a corrugated bank of wetted cells media (5). Air is cooled and humidified.
      • D. Excess water washes the EvaPack™ evaporative pad and is eliminated (with minerals) from the water basin (2) through the draining connection (6). This DW configuration is recommended with high hardness supplied water (to increase the pad life time) or with reverse osmosis water (to reduce RO water consumption).

      (For additional information, please consult the EvaPack ™ Series Evaporative Pad Adiabatic Humidifiers Installation and Operation Manual.)

      Operation Sequences

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