EvaPack™ Adiabatic Cooling — A Better Way to Cool Your Data Center

Achieve a lower Power Usage Effectiveness ratio (PUE) for your data center with Armstrong's high-efficiency, low-maintenance solution. EvaPack™ provides reliable, trouble-free humidity control and cooling while reducing your energy use and running costs, resulting in substantial cost savings.

EvaPack™ is an essential component in the most effective data center cooling and humidification strategies.

Armstrong's EvaPack™ is less expensive to implement and offers the lowest operating cost of any other type of humidifier. The compact design is quick and easy to install, it's simple to use and service, and it has the flexibility to adapt to your future needs. EvaPack™ accepts any type of water and the natural evaporative process is safe and hygienic.

EvaPack™ evaporative media has achieved UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification

UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification ensures that EvaPack™ meets stringent, health-based criteria designed to help prevent exposure to harmful chemical emissions and VOCs in indoor environments. UL (Underwriters Laboratories), is an independent certification body and global leader in safety science.


Maintain Optimal Conditions in Your Data Center Environment With EvaPack™

Preventing IT equipment failure requires servers to be maintained in an environment with controlled temperature and relative humidity. ASHRAE’s Thermal Guidelines include the following recommended values for data centers: 64.4-80.6°F [18-27°C] dry bulb temperature and 41.9°F [5.5°C] dew point to 60% RH and 34.7°F [15°C] dew point.

Thermal Guideline chart

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