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Armstrong at Work

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Armstrong consistently saves time, money and energy for some of the most respected universities in the world, even during campus expansion.

Review some of our case histories to see how Armstrong has solved problems and prevented them for satisfied customers throughout the higher education industry. Then contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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Steam & Condensate Case Studies

Award-winning Steam Trap Management Program

Achievements include reductions in steam usage and water hammer, and increased cost savings, heat transfer efficiency and comfort for students and staff. Modeling this success, 37 universities have implemented this program.

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Reducing Power Plant Steam Costs

Helping a famous university lower power plant steam costs by 21% within two years.

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Managing and Maintaining Steam Trap Population

Complete oversight of the steam trap population in all the academic buildings on campus, resulting in lower steam consumption and significantly lower fuel costs.

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Achieving Energy Management Goals

Steam trap management program enables university to improve efficiency and reduce costs and carbon emissions.

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Flow Measurement Case Studies

Patented, In-Line Flow Meter Conquers Seasonal Turndown

Providing cutting-edge a solution that makes it possible for a national university to finally charge back for actual steam usage with year-round accuracy.

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Accurate Flow Measurement for High Reliability and Good Turndown

Meeting a university's requirements for high reliability, good turndown, strong installation and training support, and the flexibility to fit any pipe configuration.

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Flexible Flow Measurement Solution to Work in Any Pipe Configuration

Providing ease of maintenance and quick, accurate results in buildings over 100 years old required flow measurement technology that could be used in retrofit applications and original pipework.

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Improved Reliability of Boiler Feed Water

Providing a university with a flow measurement solution that delivers a level of performance previously unattainable with a single differential pressure transmitter.

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Hot Water Case StudY

Precisely Controlled Instant Hot Water Generation

Holistic hot water system for university athletic facilities and stadium.

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Humidification Case Studies

Improving Fluctuations in Relative Humidity

Meeting demands for higher capacity, accuracy and turndown.

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Proper Humidification for Museum Storage

Solution reduces necessary maintenance, offers tight control for a small space, and ensures that special stored items are fully protected against the harsh effects of improper and inconsistent humidification, regardless of seasonal weather.

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Performance and Efficiency Case StudY

Reducing Power Plant Steam Costs

Armstrong helps a renowned university lower power plant steam costs by 21% within two years.

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Skill Development and Training Case Studies

Armstrong University Online Courses Supplement College Lectures for Piping Apprenticeship Training

Students were required to take specific courses, either as class activities or individual assignments outside of the classroom. Completed courses counted towards overall grade and graduation requirements.

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Facilities and Maintenance Training to Boost Energy Savings

Armstrong University served as a valuable tool for training technicians, facility and maintenance personnel, and new employees.

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