A Complete System Package

Armstrong Steam Harness is a Complete, Fully Integrated System Package

Improve steam quality and system performance in your new facilities and existing plants of all sizes, worldwide.

Armstrong Steam Harness combines best-in-class quality, unparalleled value and a level expertise that only Armstrong can provide. The rugged, dependable products and cutting-edge technology in this comprehensive system package are all designed to work together as they consistently deliver an outstanding performance and a superior return on your investment.

Armstrong Steam Harness

    • Components of the Armstrong Steam Harness  

      • Steam quality monitor (QM®-1)
      • Steam flow meter (VERIS Accelabar®), flow rate calculations compensated for changes in steam pressure
      • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC ) with Human Machine Interface (HMI)
      • Steam pressure and temperature transducers
      • Pressure gauges
      • Thermal insulation blankets (removable, reusable)
      • High pressure and low pressure condensate return lines
      • Automatic on/off full port ball valve with visual and electrical indication of rotatory valve and actuator position
      • Carbon steel Python® control valve with multilingual intelligent positioner
      • Atmospheric condensate line for blowdown purposes and dirt removal
      • Trap Valve Stations (TVS)
      • Isolation valves
      • T-design drain separator
      • Drip legs
      • Thermostatic steam trap
      • Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)
      • Safety relief valve, internals made of stainless steel
      • Manual butterfly valve

Armstrong Steam Harness is Built for Long-Lasting Dependability

Like all of our equipment, technology and system packages, the unwavering reliability, safety and efficiency of Armstrong Steam Harness is ensured by stringent quality control, the rigorous support of our quality assurance and supply chain, and our manufacturing, engineering and maintenance teams. Armstrong Steam Harness is backed by Armstrong's distinctive technical support.

    • Steam QM®-1 Automatic Steam Quality Monitoring   

      Quicker and consistently more reliable and accurate than manual methods, Armstrong's Steam QM®-1 automatically detects the dryness fraction of steam and provides continuous steam quality measurement data trending over time.

      Learn More About Armstrong Steam QM®-1
    • VERIS Accelabar® Flow Measurement   

      No straight run of pipe? No problem for Armstrong's patented flow meter. VERIS Accelabar® delivers reliable accuracy in utility metering and submetering without strict installation requirements. In a class of its own, this highly accurate flow measurement device has a patented no-straight-pipe installation requirement. VERIS Accelabar® provides exceptional versatility, with turndown capabilities over a large range of flow rates.

      Learn More About Armstrong VERIS Accelabar®
    • PLC With Integrated HMI   

      The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) performs all thermal and cost calculations. Operators and personnel monitor system information in real time using the integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI).

    • Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs)   

      Armstrong can help you manage your steam, air and liquid systems safely and efficiently with pressure reducing valves (PRVs) to maintain constant pressure for process control and uninterrupted productivity. We offer several types of PRVs to match your requirements.

      Learn More About Armstrong PRVs
    • Python® 1500 Series Control Valve   

      Armstrong's carbon steel, globe two-way single seated valves consistently deliver accurate and efficient control for most steam and liquid applications.


      • Body with top entry trim and bolted bonnet offers easy internal access for in-line inspection, maintenance, and trim replacement
      • Carbon steel material
      • Pneumatic actuators tested to three million cycles; designed with six springs to allow lower hysteresis and higher performance; two pneumatic actuator sizes
      • Reverse and direct acting actuators are field reversible
      • Packings: PTFE chevron seals and graphoil
      • Live spring loaded Teflon packing for long service and less maintenance
      • Parabolic equal percentage trims for accurate control
      • Metal to metal seats rated for Class IV shut off
      • 17-4 PH h900 plugs for long service and better resistance
      • 50:1 rangeability
      • Electric actuators
      • On/off and modulating characteristics
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Complement Your Armstrong Steam Harness With Our Durable, Best-in-Class Thermal Utility Equipment

Armstrong can help you maximize production and yield, improve efficiency and safety, and stabilize or lower your overall utility costs with intelligent solutions in: steam and condensate, flow measurement and heat transfer (coils). Our extensive manufacturing strength and flexibility enables us to custom design and build long-lasting equipment to meet the demands of your plant and industry.

    • Heavy Duty Coils – Series 6000   

      Armstrong's heavy duty coils are manufactured for longer life under harsh, industrial conditions. Even in the most severe environments where coil leaks and corrosion are costly problems, Armstrong coils maintain high efficiency and output.

      Learn More About Armstrong Series 6000 Heavy Duty Coils
    • Thermostatic Steam Traps   

      Armstrong Thermostatic Steam Traps are available with balanced-pressure bellows or wafer-type elements. Our thermostatic steam traps are constructed in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel and bronze.

      Learn More About Armstrong Thermostatic Steam Traps Learn More About Armstrong Thermostatic Wafer Steam Traps
    • Liquid Drainers   

      Armstrong offers a wide range of liquid drainers to remove liquid continuously, automatically and efficiently.


      • Long life and trouble-free operation with minimal need for adjustment or maintenance
      • Reliable performance, even in the presence of dirt, grit and oil
      • Minimal air loss
      • Ease of repair
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