The shear action disc design of the actuated valve provides precise controlled mixing of steam and water. Fitted with the electronic actuator and an integrated temperature sensor, the system ensures fast, accurate and stable temperature control. The single compact assembly simplifies installation. The independence of this stand-alone unit provides a reliable solution for hot water supply for industrial applications.

Electronic Actuator Features

  • Analog (4-20mA) input and output control signals for interfacing with SCADA control
  • Software configurable control settings
  • Very high resolution capability (0.03° rotational)
  • External RS232 connection (cable supplied)
  • Stand-alone closed loop temperature control, or remote analog (4-20mA) control options
  • Power: regulated 24Vdc 3.5 Amp supply required
  • Fail-safe position feedback (non-contact absolute encoder)
  • Keypad: 4 membrane switches with “dual touch” safety features
  • Display: 3.5 digit LCD display with back light
  • Push-button power switch
  • Extra analog input for interfacing ancillary devices (e.g., flow switch, level switch)
  • 90° stroke time as low as 1.5 seconds for fast control action
  • Gearbox: planetary, lifetime lubrication, low backlash
  • 100% duty cycle rated actuator