Health & Humidity

Humidity control is important to the indoor air quality of an occupied building, including germ control. There are many studies that show that for maximum health, humidity should be maintained between 40 and 60% RH (relative humidity).

Webinar: Humidity and Health – An explanation of the benefits of humidity related to health

Acute Respiratory Infections

Maintaining that optimum 40-60% RH increases the respiratory epithelium protection

  • Maintain mucous fluidity
  • Increase bacteria, virus elimination
  • Reduce cell damages
  • Reduce inflammation process
  • Reduce infection virulence

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bioaerosol Infectivity

Maintaining that optimum 40-60% RH helps control the spread of bioaresols

  • Reduces bioaerosol droplet evaporation
  • Reduces infection transmission
  • Reduces bioaerosol infectivity

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Mission Critical Environments

Find new and intelligent ways to reduce over-spending, especially on inefficient cooling and humidification methods! EvaPack™  is a unique, evaporative pad humidifier cooler that utilizes free cooling while delivering best-in-class efficiency, with the lowest pressure drop and largest contact surface on the market. Only EvaPack™  offers a no-glue construction that allows it to be compatible with all water types and can extend its lifespan up to 7 years! EvaPack™  has the noncombustible Euro Class A1 fire rating as well as the worlds strictest international hygienic certification, VDI6022.

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Rada Digital Faucets

Designing Your Humidity System

Most of us don’t select a humidifier every day and situations and solutions can vary dramatically. Whether you’re designing for an industrial, institutional or totally different environment there are many factors to consider. Don’t worry, we are here to help with a highly trained team of representatives, software and checklists!

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The Armstrong Humid-A-ware™ Humidification Sizing and Selection Software can eliminate the need for time-consuming pencil and paper calculations. The program displays a series of easy-to-understand questions about your humidification application. Your responses, often a single keystroke, will help the software determine:

  • Humidification load
  • Correct humidifier model number
  • Customized equipment and data schedule
  • Psychrometric properties of air
  • Non-wetting distance
  • A complete, printable humidification application specification

Download Armstrong Humid-A-ware™ Humidification Sizing and Selection Software

Do you like to see all of the options? Our 8-page Humidification Design Checklist white paper walks you through the questions and factors you need to consider when designing the system best for your environment.

Humidification Design Checklist

See examples of Armstrong humidification products at work.

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