Armstrong Electromagnetic Flowmeter




The high-performance Armstrong Electromagnetic Flowmeter (AMF-F) accurately measures the volumetric flow of any conductive liquids, such as water, salt water, sewage, pulps, slurry, acid, alkali, or any mixture of liquids and solids that have a minimum conductivity of 5μS/cm.

How it Works

An electromagnetic flowmeter is an induction type flow instrument often used to measure the volumetric flowrate of a conductive medium based on Faraday’s Law in closed pipelines.Faraday’s Law states that the voltage induced across any conductor as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of that conductor.

Reliable Performance

The advantages of Armstrong’s electromagnetic flowmeter are reliable performance, high accuracy, and exceptional ease of use due to the microprocessor and exclusive integrated circuit. High accuracy is achieved with only 7D total straight pipe run: 5D upstream and 2D downstream, where D is pipe diameter. The high speed CPU and advanced signal processing technology ensure a wide measuring range (-39 to 39 ft/s). The two line LCD display makes the readings and parameter settings comprehensive and convenient.