Skill Development and Training

Skill Development and Training for the Refining and Chemical Processing Industry

Armstrong University gives you easy access to more than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience.

At Armstrong, we're committed to sharing all that we've learned to help you make the smartest possible decisions for your company. We offer on-site lunch and learns, online courses, training, live seminars, on-demand webinars, and educational packages that provide industry-specific content and learning opportunities that address your toughest, everyday issues.

More Online Courses for the HPI / CPI Industries from Armstrong University

More than 150 online courses—all conveniently available on your computer.

Armstrong University coursework has been carefully developed by energy and thermal utility system specialists and leading technical experts with 2,000 years of collective, practical experience. Our extensive curriculum spans multiple colleges of learning, with introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in steam, condensate, humidification, hot water, water treatment, refrigeration, flow measurement, environmental health and safety, and more, including courses that qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Customized Online Courses

Armstrong University can tailor an online curriculum for your organization, to be delivered at your site or one of our Global Learning Centers, whichever is most convenient.

Live Training Seminars

Many of Armstrong's representatives have hands-on demonstration and training facilities, and our Global Learning Centers are fully equipped with the latest functional and cutaway equipment, enabling you to actually see how utility systems operate. Training sessions held at Armstrong Learning Centers are conducted by Armstrong experts with the technical background and field experience necessary to deliver clear, relevant information. Seminars qualifying for Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available.

Recommendations From Armstrong University

HPI/CPI Industry Package

Over 40 courses to help you eliminate threats to process interruptions, meet energy cost reduction objectives, provide safety and skill development to your utility personnel, and learn how monitoring, measuring and auditing your systems can save time, money and energy.

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