Armstrong Wedge Meter

Armstrong’s Wedge Meter imparts all the benefits of differential pressure measurement in difficult fluid applications.  The meter can be used with high viscosity fluids, slurries, asphalt, tar-sands, fracking fluids, spent water, sludge, bottoms flow, cement, or other contaminated or abrasive fluids.

Within the cylindrical meter body, an embedded wedge constricts flow and produces a differential pressure.  The subsequent measurement from the meter can be accurate to ±0.5% and ±0.2% repeatability.  This includes measurements throughout the operating range and low Reynolds numbers.

Wedge & WedgeX Key Features

  • ±0.5% accuracy, ±0.2% repeatability
  • Available in virtually any line size
  • Numerous materials of construction including: 316SS, 304SS, CS, Hastelloy, Monel, and PVC
  • Flanged ends, threaded ends, weld ends, mechanical joint, and other connection types available
  • Working pressure limitations per ANSI B16.5

Wedge Meter Benefits in a Compact Design

The Armstrong WedgeX meter utilizes the same technology and benefits inherent with a traditional wedge meter all within a compact, cost effective unit. The direct coupling of the transmitter to the pressure taps virtually eliminates measurement errors cause by the gauge line or plugged taps.

The WedgeX holds the same advantages in accuracy, performance, construction, and fluid capabilities as the standard wedge meter.